About Nolimits 2

The next generation roller coaster simulation, available for Windows PC. Available as standard version and as professional version with extended features.

Common Features

  • Available for Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/10) 32 bit and 64 bit
  • Designed for multi-core CPUs and next generation graphics
  • Realistic roller coaster physics
  • Oculus Rift DK2/CV1 VR support
  • OpenVR support for HTC Vive
  • Integrated park editor
  • Everything realtime!
  • 40 different coaster styles including:
    • 4D
    • Wing
    • Spinning
    • Wooden
    • Flying
    • Inverted
    • Suspended
  • Shuttle coasters
  • Switches and transfer tracks
  • Different worn levels to simulate aging
  • Different rail types
  • More than one train at the same time
  • More than one coaster in the same park
  • Dual stations
  • Duelling coasters using synchronized stations
  • Custom spline positions relatively to track (center of rails, heartlined)
  • Backwards running train option
  • Block sections
  • Realistic control of brakes
  • Animated brakes, wheels, lifts, harnesses, gates, station platforms etc.
  • Large building area (1,500m x 1,500m x 500m)
  • Intelligent track spline options
    • Rational B-Spline curves for fully professional track design
    • Perfect circles are possible
    • Fully backwards compatible with NoLimits 1 tracks
    • Integrated Depumping smoother
    • Display of track curvature and g-forces in realtime
    • Track node based roll information and section separation
    • Auto-compute of roll to minimize lateral forces
  • Complex support structure design
    • Lots of prefab support elements
    • Custom supports using nodes and beams
    • Copy and paste of structures
    • Lots of support beam types
    • Atomizing prefab support elements into custom supports
    • Advanced wooden support generator for very complex wooden structures
  • Different camera perspectives: onboard, free, target, fly-by
  • Special walk mode (with collision detection)
  • Choose your seat, car, train and coaster
  • Mouse simulates head moving
  • Advanced terrain engine
    • Tunnels through terrain and water
    • Multiple layers of textures
    • Optional bump mapping
    • Optional walk step sounds
    • Optional plant objects
    • Integrated terrain generator
  • Next generation graphics with normal mapping, specular mask, reflections and realtime shadows
  • Lens flare effect
  • Volumetric light and fog effects
  • Depth-of-field effect
  • Weather effects
    • Rain
    • Snow
    • Wind
    • Thunder and lightning
    • Fog
    • Dynamic clouds
  • Dynamic sky with Day-Night-Cycle
  • 3D Surround Sound using OpenAL
  • Environmental Audio Effects (Reverb inside tunnels etc.)
  • Integrated environment editor to change skybox, and background
    • Lots of shipped demo environments (high mountains, flat background)
  • Integrated scripting language
    • High level, object oriented language with lots of features
    • Highly extensible API
    • Capable of simulating flat rides
    • Can override default block system
  • Shipped with demo objects and scripts
  • Import of DAE (Collada), 3DS, and LWO files for custom scene objects
    • Internal scene object description files with previews
    • Can be scripted
    • Custom light effects
    • Integrated material editor for advanced effects
  • Integrated light pattern creator tool for generating animated light textures
  • Water splash effect for coasters with water scoops (dive coaster, staggered hyper coaster)
  • Integrated Formula track element language
  • Integrated Force vector track element designer
  • Package file export
  • High quality video export with perfect frame timing
  • Lots of shipped demo parks

Special Features with Professional License

  • Allowed to use screenshots and videos for commercial usage
  • Custom friction parameters
  • Film quality motion-blur effect
  • High resoltion poster screenshots
  • Unrestricted video export resolutions (HD resolutions, no watermark)
  • Transparent background screenshots (screenshots with alpha)
  • Password protected park packages

Demo Restrictions

  • Will expire after 15 days
  • Play mode active for up to 30 minutes only
  • Restricted saving of parks (up to 10 vertices per park, only same user who saved can open his park)
  • No package file export
  • No element file export
  • Only very limited number of available coaster styles
  • Only a couple of demo parks included

Requirements (NoLimits 2)

Minimum Requirements
Windows XP (SP 3) or later
2.0 GHz Dual Core CPU
Graphics Card, fully compatible to Direct X 9.0c (Shader Model 3) with 512 MB Video RAM
DirectX 9.0c installed
1 GB free hard drive space

Windows 7 64 Bit or newer
2.6 GHz Quad Core CPU
Graphics card, fully compatible to Direct X 11.0 (Shader Model 4.1) with 1 GB Video RAM
1 GB free hard drive space

About Nolimits 1

The ultimate thrill for your PC or Mac

Hold on, NoLimits is the ultimate roller coaster simulation for Windows PC and Apple Mac and beats everything that is comparable. All you need is a fast processor and a fast 3D graphics gard, and you will experience the thrill of a roller coaster ride in front of your screen in realtime.

With a major focus on reality and speed, this program will let you design your favorite roller coaster, and of course will let you ride it. Every kind of element that you could imagine is possible to design. There are no limits. You can even select from 24 different coaster-styles including inverted, hyper, spinning, flying, and wooden roller coasters...

"I find NoLimits helps all our development teams to understand exactly what a proposed ride will look and feel like, long before any construction work starts on site."
- John Wardley

  • Available for Windows (98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7 or newer) and Mac OS X (10.3.9 or newer)
  • Realistic simulation
  • Own trackeditor 
  • Optimized for high framerates using OpenGL accelerated rendering
  • Everything realtime!
  • Static and dynamic shadows
  • Multilayer sky
  • Lens flare effects
  • 24 different kind of coaster-styles
  • Shuttle Coasters
  • Wooden Coasters
  • Spinning Coasters
  • Flying Coasters
  • More than one train at the same time
  • Synchronized block-safety-device
  • Animated brakes, wheels and lifts
  • 3D Sound
  • Different camera perspectives: onboard, freemode
  • Choose your seat, car and train on the fly
  • Mouse simulates head-moving
  • Terraforming
  • Import 3DS files
  • Edit the environment to change skybox, fog effects, sun position...
  • etc...

Requirements (NoLimits 1)

NoLimits for Windowstm

Min. requirements
Windows 95b, 98, ME, NT4.0, 2000, XP, 2003
Pentium compatible processor with 300 MHz
120 MB free harddrive space
Fully accelerated OpenGL compatible graphics card with 16 MB VRAM
DirectX 7

Windows XP
16 Bit Soundcard
Pentium3 Prozessor with 700MHz
Graphics card with 32 MB VRAM
DirectX 9

NoLimits for Mactm

Min. requirements
PowerMac or Intel Mac (Universal Binary)
Mac OS X 10.3.9 or newer
CPU with 500 MHz
128 MB RAM
120 MB hard-drive space
Fully accelerated OpenGL compatible graphics card with at least 32 MB VRAM
16 Bit Sound card

Mac OS X 10.4 or newer
CPU with 1GHz
256 MB RAM
Graphics card with 64 MB VRAM

Uses OpenGL
Uses OpenGLTM for 3D rendering

Coaster Professionals use NoLimits

We are offering various services for coaster manufacturers and amusement parks. Our services include

  • Custom NoLimits based realtime demos for promotion of new coasters and designs
  • Custom roller coaster car designs for prototyping or promotion
  • Import and export plugins for faster creation and validation of track designs
  • Custom software solutions with focus on 3D realtime graphics
  • Roller coaster track designs

Here is a list of customers we have been working for
  • Gerstlauer Elektro GmbH
  • Vekoma Rides Manufacturing B.V.
  • Heinrich MACK GmbH
  • Intamin AG
  • Stengel GmbH
  • John Wardley
  • Patent Lab, LLC
  • Zamperla
  • Maurer Söhne GmbH & Co. KG
  • The Gravity Group

Let us show you some of our reference projects we have been working on...

Project: Gerstlauer Eurofighter 2 car design for NoLimits

The new Eurofighter 2 car was introduced on the Speed coaster built by Gerstlauer in 2006 for Oakwood Theme Park, UK. The full name of this new coaster is 'Speed - NoLimits'. We like that name very much. ;-)

Our service included the recreation of the car as a 3D model to be used in the NoLimits roller coaster software. A special NoLimits version including this car and track design is used by Gerstlauer for concepts and promotion.

Oakwood 1 Oakwood 2
Oakwood 3
Oakwood 4 Oakwood 5 Oakwood 6
NoLimits track created by Andreas Simonis for Gerstlauer
Photos courtesy of Gerstlauer Elektro GmbH and Oakwood Theme Park, UK.

Oakwood Theme Park website: http://www.oakwood-leisure.com
Gerstlauer website: http://www.gerstlauer-rides.de

Project: Motorbike Realtime Demo for Vekoma Rides Manufacturing B.V.

The Motorbike realtime demo was developed for Vekoma by the NoLimits team and Jack Frahn. It features the original car and track of the new motorbike coaster developed by Vekoma. The 3D car model is very high detailed and features the proper harness system found on the real ride. The demo also includes a special soundtrack, exclusively composed by Christian Englert of Synthetic Project. He is nobody else but the one who was responsible for the well done Expedition GeForce soundtrack produced  for Holiday Park, Germany. The music is synchronized with the launch of the bikes and fits nicely for this exciting ride.

motorbike4 motorbike1
motorbike5 real motorbike
Photo on the right courtesy of Daniel Schoppen

Information about the real coaster...

The Motorbike Coaster combines the unique feeling that a motorbike offers with the excitement of riding a roller coaster. The guests will be treated to an exciting launch start, whereby the motors will be accelerated from 0 to 75 km (0-46 miles) per hour in 3 seconds, after which the motors will enter into an exciting track of approx. 600 meter (approx. 2,000 ft.) with a number of camelbacks, a horseshoe element, a horizontal loop and a high speed curve.  The new motorbike attraction, developed and designed by Vekoma Rides Manufacturing is suitable for both children from 1.40 meter (approx. 55 inch) and adults up to 2 meters (approx. 78 inch).


Track length:    
  • Approx. 600 meters
  • Launch (0-75 km per hour in 3 seconds)
  • Three camelbacks
  • Horseshoe element
  • Horizontal loop
  • A high speed curve
  • Suitable for both children from 1.40 m. and adults up to 2.00 m.
The launch system has been designed in close cooperation with Vekoma’s sister company, Huisman-Itrec B.V. in Schiedam, who’s core business is heavy lifting and special off-shore equipment.

This contemporary coaster is unique in its kind, and gives the riders the ultimate racing feeling; sitting on a motorbike their train will first be launched as a rocket and then enter into an exciting ride high up in the air. The motorbike ride is available in several layouts, whereby the launch speed can be over 100 km per hour. The ride at Toverland is already very popular and, who say the first fun thrill ride you will back for to ride it again and again!

Vekoma website: http://www.vekoma.com
PC Demo download link: Free Motorbike demo

Uninstall information: To uninstall the demo, simply delete the exe file that was installed. No other files will be installed and no changes will be made to the computer while installation.

More references...

John Wardley uses NoLimits for his designs

John Wardley is the Consultant Director of The Tussauds Group and a famous ride designer. He is responsible for some of the best coasters on this planet including AIR and Nemesis at Alton Towers.

"I have used NoLimits to demonstrate the new Maurer spinning coasters we are installing at Chessington World of Adventures, and Alton Towers next year, and have modelled all my new designs on it. I find NoLimits helps all our development teams to understand exactly what a proposed ride will look and feel like, long before any construction work starts on site."   - John Wardley

Gerstlauer uses NoLimits for the promotion of their new tracks

The NoLimits team has worked together with Gerstlauer, German coaster maker, to produce two demos for introducting the Bobbejaanland Typhoon and BonBon-Land Eurofighter coasters.
Both demos are available for the public. They can be downloaded from the Gerstlauer home-page.
eurofighter 1
eurofighter 2
eurofighter 3


NoLimits - Roller Coaster Simulation for Windows and Mac ©2000-2017 by Ole Lange

NoLimits started as a one-man project. Right now, several people are involved in the development.

           contact email

Design, programming, graphics and sounds by Ole Lange

Project coordination, NL-Terraformer and Wood Magic by Jennifer "Tia" Lynn.

Car designs and additional 3D models by Tom "Ride_Op" Zeliff.

Car textures and additional graphics by Kevin "Phyter" Stone

Technical consultant, tracks and additional graphics by Kay "Buster" Großweischede

Additional graphics by Randall Tyre

Additional textures by Sacha "Toerti"

Website concept design by Daniel Raßbach. Check out: rasani.design

Additional sounds by Christian Englert. Check out: Synthetic Project - Musicproduction / EDV-Service sp-music.com

RCT Track Import by Larry Gust

NoLimits logo by Timm Dollinger

Mac icons by Dennis Klein

Special Thanks to
Phil Hilton, CoasterSims, Alex "Chip" Chihak, Michael Graham and The Gravity Group LLC, Peter Clerx, Rainer Wassermann, John Harley, Matthias Maschek, Ulrich Hofmann, Elchi, Daniel Raßbach, Sören Hellwig, GaMeLoRdZ, Michael Weyna, Scott Haag, Mike Wallace, Michael Schikora, Frank Hinrichs, Christian Ahuis, Michael Pantenburg, Martin Bouman, Marc Racordon, Sacha "Toerti" Harst,  Michael Goodban, Bernhard Wimmer, Daniel Bochtler, Nullsoft Inc. for their software installer, and all beta testers

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