Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Mac version of NoLimits 2 come out?

At this point, we are still considering bringing out a Mac version. We haven't confirmed a Mac version yet, and need to first figure out if a Mac version will make sense and how large the expenses will be and how much effort it will take to do the port.

When will NoLimits 2 be released?

It is done and released!

Will the Wing Coaster be added to NoLimits 2?

We plan to add many more coaster styles to NoLimits 2 and the Wing Coaster is a popular style.

How much does NoLimits 2 cost?

NoLimits 2 comes with two license options. The standard license costs US $45.95. The professional license costs US $99.95

Can I beta-test it for you right now?

No you cannot, thank you for your offer. We are not seeking for beta-testers at the moment. Of course you can always contact me, if you think that you found a critical bug.

Will 4D coasters be implemented in the next update?

This coaster style will be included in NoLimits 2.

Will the Twisted Flying Coaster be added in the next update?

This coaster style is included in NoLimits 2.

Why are parts of this website in English only?

Most NoLimits users are living in English speaking areas. Since only a few people are working on this project, our time is very limited and we want to spend most of our time on the development.

Can I buy it in a shop?

The English version is available on the internet only. There is a German version that is available in German stores.

How is it distributed?

NoLimits is distributed over the internet. You can test the free limited demo version for 21 days. If you like it you can buy the full version. After paying you will receive a download link to the full version via e-mail. For more information please take a look over here. For German customers there is also a localized retail version available in German stores. The retail version is basically the same as the online version.

Can I build my own tracks?

Of course you can, but you require the full version to save tracks. You cannot save tracks with the demo-version.

Are there any other tracks available?

Please take a look at the links. Here you will find lots of sites where you can download NL tracks for free.

Does it work under Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8?

The program was designed for any Windows version and does not depend on a special Windows version as long as the graphics card drivers are fully functional and bug-free. It runs great under Windows XP/Vista/7. In a lot of cases the graphics card drivers that ship with the Windows CD/DVD are not fully functional or have only beta quality. The same goes for brand new graphics cards that just came out. I suggest to test the demo on your machine before you buy the program and try to update your graphics card's drivers to the most recent version if you experience any problems.

Will there be a version for Linux?

No, there will not be a version for Linux. I announced a Linux version some time ago, but the feedback was basically zero, so decided to concentrate on the more popular platforms. I have been told that NoLimits does work under Wine.

Why do I have only 1 frame per second?

Are you sure you have the newest drivers for your graphics card installed? In most cases, the drivers are not installed correctly, which may happen under some cirumstances. Unless your computer is not very old (over 10 years old) there is only a very small chance that your computer is not compatible with the program.

What kind of builder-types are included in the full version?

All coaster styles and track designs are modelled after real existing ones.
  • Classic Looping coaster
  • Corkscrew coaster
  • Inverted 2 seat coaster
  • Inverted 4 seat coaster
  • Twisted sitdown coaster
  • Twisted standup coaster
  • Twisted floorless coaster
  • Hyper coaster
  • Twisted hyper coaster
  • Wooden coaster (trailored 2 Seat)
  • Wooden coaster (trailored 4 Seat)
  • Wooden coaster (classic 4 Seat)
  • Wooden coaster (classic 6 Seat)
  • Motorbike coaster
  • 95° drop coaster
  • Lim launched coaster
  • Face to face inverted coaster
  • Impulse coaster
  • Modern Looping coaster
  • Flying Dutchman coaster
  • Bobsled coaster
  • Maurer Spinning coaster
  • Gerstlauer Spinning coaster
  • Mine-Train coaster
  • X-Car coaster

Is the program in German or English language?

NoLimits 2: This program is in English only. NoLimits 1: The Windows version is in English and German language. The Mac version is in English only.

Will it use Direct3D or OpenGL?

NoLimits 2 is using Direct3D at the moment. Support for OpenGL might be added in an update later. NoLimits 1 is using OpenGL only.

Will there be any free updates?

There were a couple of free updates already from the initial release on until version 1.6. Version 1.6 was a non-free update. The latest free update for version 1.6 is 1.71. Right now I am concentrating all my efforts and time on NoLimits2 which will not be free. There might come out more free updates for version 1.6 if I should find critical bugs or incompatibilities with newer operating systems.

How do I install an update?

In order to install an update you need the required full release. The previous version must be installed correctly via the delivered setup file (e.g. NLSetup.exe). Otherwise the update is not able to verify if the previous version is available. The installation path can differ from the default path. If you rename or move the installation path after the installation, the updates will not find the previous version and you need to install the previous version again (with the setup program of course). If you change the operating system (e.g. update to Windows 7 from older versions) you should install NL again to be on the safe side. More information about this topic can be found on the Trouble-shooting page.

Is there any documentation about advanced features such as scene objects?

There is a collection of small howtos for features like scene objects over here.

How much does NoLimits 1 cost?

The full version of NoLimits costs US $29.95.