This page is intended to help track designers on topics that go beyond of what is described inside the shipped help files and help people having problems running the software.

Troubleshooting NoLimits 2

The following section is intended for people having problems running the software NoLimits 2

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We are right now investigating bug reports and processing crash logs. A couple of problems have been confirmed already. The following list shows a couple of the most serious problems we have identified. We will start working on patches and updates as soon as solutions to problems have been found.

NoLimits 2 requires the latest end-user DirectX 9 runtime to be installed. The core components of DirectX are not included in the installer file. Some crashes might have to do with the fact that DirectX 9 is not installed properly. Please follow the following link to download the DirectX components from the Microsoft website.

Web Installer: Microsoft DirectX Runtime or
Full Installer: Microsoft DirectX Runtime

Database of identified issues/bugs/problems in most recent version (

Version Classification
Application may crash when closing main window and menus are still opened in editor - Bug Will be fixed in next version
Wrong splines are shown when display options are changed and multiple views are enabled in editor - Bug Will be fixed in next version
Speed and g-force combs will not take lying position of flying coasters into account and are therefor unprecise and newer Precision problem We are aware of this problem and do not have a solution yet.
Steam Overlay does not work correctly in editor and main menu Steam Edition Bug Will be fixed in next version
Application crashes with (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (c0000005) inside Engine::addTriangles) since Bug We are aware of this problem and do not have a solution yet.
EXCEPTION_INT_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO (c0000094) inside C:\Windows\system32\atiumdag.dll) since Unknown Happens on ATI Radeon X1300/X1550 Series. We are still investigating this problem and do not have a solution yet. Most likely a buggy driver from ATI/AMD or DirectX (see links above) not installed correctly.
EXCEPTION_STACK_OVERFLOW (c00000fd) since Unknown We are still investigating this problem and do not have a solution yet. Most likely having to do with some special support structures.
Failed to allege 'canUndo()' after closing the Force Vector Designer Window since Unknown We are still investigating this problem and do not have a solution yet. Most likely a bug.

Troubleshooting NoLimits 1.x

The following section is intended for people having problems running the software NoLimits 1.x

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If you have a processor with 500 MHz or above but the program is running very slowly or hangs, the reason is probably your graphics card. If the program does crash, it is very likely, that the graphics card driver is the reason. Not every card has a good and complete OpenGL driver, but most newer cards. Be sure to have the latest drivers installed for your graphics card if you are experiencing problems. Be sure to cleanly remove the old drivers before installing the latest ones.

Common issues

Problems installing an update?

You get an error "The full release v.1.x is not installed!" when trying to install an update?
In order to install an update you need the required full release. The previous version must be installed correctly via the delivered setup file (e.g. NLSetup.exe). Otherwise the update is not able to verify if the previous version is available. The path can differ from the default path (it is different in each localized version of Windows anyway). If you rename or move the installation path after the installation, the update will not find the previous version and you need to install the previous version again (with the setup program of course). If you change the operating system (e.g. update to XP) you should install NL again to be on the safe side.
If you cannot reinstall the full version (with the setup program of course) again you may delete the registry entries at "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NoLimits Coaster" and "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\NoLimits Coaster" in the Windows Registry via regedit.exe. Be sure to not loose your registration data before uninstalling the program. You will be asked to provide these information (user-name and reg-key) each time you install the game freshly.
It was reported that the NL Construction Kit from Gravimetric Studio is corrupting the "instpath" setting in the registry if the user uses the "Fix Locatrion Tool". Try to remove the last backslash
('\') at the end of the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\NoLimits Coaster\instpath" setting.

Questions on advanced features such as Scene-Objects?

Please read the small collection of Howtos for a more detailed description of advanced features that are not described in depth inside the manual.

Windows 98/ME

I highly recommend to use Windows 2000 or XP. These systems are much more reliable compared to 98 or Me.

Windows 2000/XP/VISTA

NoLimits works great with Windows XP and VISTA but you should make sure to have the latest graphics card drivers installed. The drivers that ship with Windows will not run properly in many cases.

You need to have DirectX installed. When you upgrade your DirectX or graphics drivers be sure to install the components in the proper order:

  Step 1. Uninstall all display drivers from the system
  Step 2. Restart computer
  Step 3. Install latest DirectX
  Step 4. Restart computer
  Step 5. Install latest display drivers for your graphics card
  Step 6. Restart computer
  Step 7. 2000 and XP: Install latest Service Packs even if they are already installed before
  Step 8. Restart computer

Database of known issues/bugs/problems

NL-Version Classification
No crossties on minetrains in simulator 1.8 (Win)
Bug in simulator
Only the Windows version is affected. A new patch v1.802 is available in the Downloads which fixes this bug.
1.8 update cannot be installed for some previous versions (v1.71, v1.72) v1.8 update (Win)
Bug in update setup
Seems to happen when the registry entires are not valid. The update v1.801 fixes this issue.
Screenshots or tracks or other saved files cannot be found in Windows file explorer All NL versions running on Windows Vista, 7 or newer
Issue with Operating System
NoLimits was originally designed for Windows XP which allows write access to the installation folder of the program when NoLimits is installed in the 'Programs' directory. From Vista on, there is no write access to the Programs directory any more. Any files that will be saved in NoLimits such as tracks and screenshots will instead be redirected to a virtual store folder inside the user's home directory. This folder is typically located at 'C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\'. Files inside the virtual store will not be shown by default by the Windows file explorer, but the files will be available from inside NoLimits. To show the files in the Windows file explorer, one can click on the 'Compatibility Files' Button which appears at the top of the Windows file explorer as soon as one is inside the 'screenshots' or 'tracks' folder.
Simulator crashes when trying to change resolution on newer Mac with Intel graphics All versions
Bug in simulator
The newer Macs with Intel graphics stopped supporting 16bit color depth. The NoLimits simulator has a problem with that and crashes because of a bug. I am working on a bug fix. As a workaround, one can change the resolution with the Advanced Setup program found in the NoLimits folder. The Advanced Setup is included from NL1.7 on.
Screensaver does not work in Snow Leopard
1.6/1.7 (Mac 10.6)
Issue with Operating System
There is an update to fix the problem. It can be downloaded at Downloads. Only users running Mac OS X 10.6 or newer need this patch. The update 1.8 includes that patch.
Very long response time when selecting objects in the editor
All NL versions running on Windows
Issue with graphics driver
This problem occurs most often when using a very new consumer graphics card. In most cases, this problem dissappears when updating to drivers that come out a couple of months after the graphics card was first released to the market. The reason for this problem is, that the NoLimits Editor is more like a CAD program and not like a game and it uses a couple of 3D API functions that might not be fully optimized in the first drivers of a brand new graphics card. The first driver releases of a consumer 3D card are typically designed to only run games properly. Later graphics drivers will fix this situation and other types of 3D applications, including the NoLimits Editor will then work properly. There is not much I can do about this issue except to encourage you to wait a little until the drivers of new products are fully perfected before you buy the latest hardware.
KB0019 Distorted static shadows in the simulator
1.6/1.7 Mac (Intel)
Bug in NoLimits
This bug will be fixed in 1.72, which will come out soon.
KB0018 Framerate is quite slow for the first couple of minutes in the simulator
All Win
Issue with Nvidia cards
Disable the 'Threaded Optimization' inside the NVidia control panel. NoLimits does not work well when this switch is set to 'auto' or 'on'.
KB0017 G-Force display is different compared to older versions
The G-Force calculation was improved in NL1.7, which may result in different displayed values. Because of increased accuracy compared to older versions, some spikes might occur at segment joints if the track is very bumpy.
KB0016 Saved AVIs are all white on Intel-Macs when played with QuickTime (7.3.1)
1.71 Mac Bug in QuickTime (Intel only)
The reason for this is most likely a bug in the AVI QuickTime (7.3.x) decoder on Intel-Macs. The files work just fine with the same QuickTime version on PowerPC Macs and on other video players and platforms. The problem seems to be fixed in QuickTime 7.4.5.
KB0015 Static sound problems on some systems 1.7 Win
DirectSound latency issue
Please download and install 1.71 to fix this issue.
KB0014 The mine-train cartexture says "Rail Raod" instead of "Rail Road" 1.7 Win
Bug in NoLimits
Please download and install 1.71 to fix this bug.
KB0013 AVI-Export: The error 'Not enough diskspace' is shown even if there is enough diskspace.
1.7 Win
Bug in NoLimits
Please set an existing path with the 'NoLimitsAdvancedSimSetup' tool that can be found inside the NoLimits folder. The message is also always shown on Windows 95/98SE/ME. Please download and install 1.71 to fix this bug.
KB0012 Installer hangs with message "Cannot execute installation helper tool" 1.7 Mac
Bug in NoLimits
Please download and install 1.71 to fix this bug.
KB0011 The mouse cursor does not disappear using the simulator on some Macs and stays centered on the screen. 1.55 Mac
Bug in graphics driver
I am unable to fix it right now, it seems to be a bug in the graphics drivers. As a workaround you may press the 'm' key (delink mouse) twice while riding a coaster.
KB0010 Screen corruption (strange lines, almost black screen) in some resolutions using Radeon 9600 mobility after updating to OS 10.3.8. 1.55 Mac
Bug in graphics driver
Apple knows about this problem, but this bug was not fixed in 10.3.9. As a workaround you may try to change the resolution by hand. The preferences are stored in the preferences file found in "~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/com.nolimitscoaster.NoLimitsSimulator.xxxxx.plist", where xxxxx is some number. The preference values for the display mode are "reswidth", "resheight" and "mode". reswitdh and resheight are numeric values and mode is a boolean ('true' for fullscreen, 'false' for windowmode). Be sure to set "appstate" to 0 if that value exists. Example: "reswith = 640, resheight = 480, mode = false, appstate = 0" will set the mode to 640x480 windowed. I got an email that this bug was fixed in Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger).
KB0009 Vertex Panel behaves strange sometimes. 1.51 Win/Mac
Bug in NoLimits
Please download and install 1.55 to fix this bug.
KB0008 Installation may fail with error "The required full version (1.3x) cannot be found at "<path>\" and "The registry contains invalid data. You need to reinstall NoLimits!" 1.5 Win
Bug in NLConstructionKit from Gravimetric Studios
May happen if the user has NL Construction Kit from Gravimetric Studios installed and was using the "Fix Location Tool". The problem is the last backslash ('\') in the path at "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\NoLimits Coaster\instpath" that needs to be removed. Reinstall the NoLimits Full-Version as a workaround and do not use the "Fix Location Tool" or install 1.55.
KB0007 Shuttle tracks with chain lifts (e.g. Boomerang/Invertigo) crash on some ATI Radeon 9600 and 9800 cards. 1.5 Win
Bug in graphics driver
Please update to 1.55, which works around this graphics driver bug.
KB0006 Editor will behave strange and needs to be restarted when one clicks both mouse buttons in the 3d-view at the same time. 1.5 Win
Bug in NoLimits
Please update to 1.55.
KB0005 Rail view was removed from the sim because of some new engine issues, the help still mentions it. 1.5 Win
Issue in NoLimits
Please use the fly-by view as a replacement for the rail view.
KB0004 Common track segment settings dialog does not open. 1.5 Mac
Bug in NoLimits
This is a bug that was fixed in 1.51.
KB0003 If the user tries to open a 3DS file outside of "objects", the error message "File is not relative to object folder" is shown. 1.x (Mac)
Scene objects files (3DS) must be located inside the "objects" folder, in may be located in a sub folder.
KB0002 On some Macs, especially when they are equipped with a GeForce 4 Ti card, the simulator may start with a black screen when the display setup of NoLimits was changed before. 1.351 (Mac)
Unknown bug
If you restart the application and still get a black screen, you may delete all "" files in the ~/Library/Preferences folder. This will reset the settings (preferences). It is unclear at this point if this is a graphjcs card driver bug or a NoLimits bug.
Saving a track might result in "Can't save track" message. 1.x (Mac)
This is not a bug in NoLimits, it is because of Mac OSX file access rights. Mac OSX is a Unix based operating system, which means that users might not be able to write a file created by another user without applying the "write" access right to that file. The default is "read only" for other users than the owner of the file.

3DS Scene Objects (NoLimits 1)

Custom 3D objects can be added to a track inside the editor. NoLimits supports loading of .3DS files. Only the basic properties of these files such as the static mesh and the most basic material settings are supported. The .3DS files need to be stored inside the 'objects' folder or a subfolder of 'objects'. The .3DS can have textures for the diffuse and environment texture. The textures need to reside inside the same folder as the .3DS file and need to be in the following formats: JPG, PNG, TGA. It is recommended that the textures use a power of 2 for both the width and height of the size. For example 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512 are possible widths and heights of a texture. The textures do not need to be squared. For example 128x256 is a valid size for a texture. If the diffuse color-map has an alpha-channel, the mesh will automatically be displayed transparently using either alpha-masking or alpha-blending depending on the values of the alpha-channel. Only PNG and TGA support alpha-channels, JPG do not support these. Alpha-masking requires that the alpha-channel only contains values that are either fully transparent (0) or fully opaque (255). If the alpha-channel contains values in between 0 and 255, the polygons will be rendered using alpha-blending, which is much slower than the alpha-masking technique. For example the trees and gate-textures inside the station are rendered using alpha-masking, while the clouds and flare effects are rendered using alpha-blending. For objects that are made of lots of polygons or if the same object is rendered multiple times (as in the case for trees and bushes), I strongly encourage any track designer to use alpha-channels with values of 0 or 255, so that the engine can switch to alpha-masking.

Complete list of supported 3DS features:

  • Static objects consisting of triangles and vertices
  • Smooth groups
  • Diffuse color
  • Ambient color
  • Specular color
  • Specular level and glossiness
  • Opacity
  • Diffuse color-map with automatic alpha-channel detection for transparency
  • Reflection map (Spherical environment mapping)

Environments (NoLimits 1)

Environments can be used to change the appearance of the sun, background, clouds, trees and a couple of other textures within the simulator. An environment is a text file with the extension .env, stored in the environments folder. An .env file consists of a series of lines with the following format:


The value one variable expects depends on the variable's type. The following types are used:

  • Numeric (e.g. 0.5)
  • Boolean (true and false)
  • Path (e.g. environments/my_cool_environment/texture.png). Paths are specified relatively to the nolimits folder. Some paths can be empty. File-formats that are supported are jpg, tga, png. Some png files cannot be read.

The # sign can be used to start a comment in the file.

To customize global settings, an optional global environment file called "nolimits.cfg" can be placed in the root nolimits folder. This config file has a global effect and is loaded before the final environment file is loaded which can override the global settings. The typical use of this optional file is to change the g-force meter's color limits.

sim.antiroll.texture.pathPathAnti-rollback's texture
sim.background.texture.pathPathBackground texture
sim.background.texture.enabledBooleanEnable or disable the background texture
sim.background.trees.enabledBooleanEnable or disable the background trees
sim.chain.texture.pathPathChain's texture
sim.chain.loopsound.pathPathChain's loop-sound (WAV)
sim.chain.loopsound.dbNumericChain's loop-sound volume dB (max=0, min=-10000)
sim.chainwheel.texture.pathPathLift's chain-wheel texture
sim.clouds.enabledBooleanEnable or disable the clouds (deprecated, use sim.clouds.visible instead)
sim.clouds.visibleBooleanEnable or disable the clouds
sim.clouds.texture.pathPathFirst cloud layer's texture
sim.clouds.wind.speedxNumericFirst cloud layer's wind speed (x component)
sim.clouds.wind.speedyNumericFirst cloud layer's wind speed (y component)
sim.clouds.layer2.texture.pathPathSecond cloud layer's texture
sim.clouds.layer2.wind.speedxNumericFirst cloud layer's wind speed (x component)
sim.clouds.layer2.wind.speedyNumericFirst cloud layer's wind speed (y component)
sim.flares.visibleBooleanEnable or disable sun-flares
sim.flare1.texture.pathPathSun-flare's texture 1
sim.flare2.texture.pathPathSun-flare's texture 2
sim.flare3.texture.pathPathSun-flare's texture 3
sim.flare4.texture.pathPathSun-flare's texture 4
sim.flare5.texture.pathPathSun-flare's texture 5
sim.flare6.texture.pathPathSun-flare's texture 6
sim.fog.enabledBooleanEnable or disable fog
sim.fog.redNumericFog's red color intensity (0..1)
sim.fog.greenNumericFog's green color intensity (0..1)
sim.fog.blueNumericFog's blue color intensity (0..1)
sim.fog.densityNumericFog's density (exponent)
sim.fog.greenNumericFog's green color intensity (0..1)
sim.fog.blueNumericFog's blue color intensity (0..1)
sim.ground.visibleBooleanEnable or disable ground (terrain)
sim.ground.texture.pathPathFlat-ground's texture color intensity (0..1) of non-lightened objects (trees, clouds) color intensity (0..1) of non-lightened objects (trees, clouds) color intensity (0..1) of non-lightened objects (trees, clouds)
sim.newplatform.texture.pathPathLift's center platform texture
sim.minetrain.crosstie.texture.pathPathMine-train's cross-tie texture
sim.operatorspanel.texture.pathPathOperator's panel texture
sim.platform.texture.pathPathLift's center platform texture (no function since 1.7, use sim.newplatform.texture.path instead)
sim.ptcbrake.texture.pathPathTexture of wooden coaster brake
sim.railingfloor.texture.pathPathTexture of railing's floor
sim.railing.texture.pathPathTexture of railings
sim.skyboxup.texture.pathPathSkybox-Up-texture (when blank, use gradient instead)
sim.skyboxleft.texture.pathPathSkybox-Left-texture (when blank, use gradient instead)
sim.skyboxright.texture.pathPathSkybox-Right-texture (when blank, use gradient instead)
sim.skyboxfront.texture.pathPathSkybox-Front-texture (when blank, use gradient instead)
sim.skyboxback.texture.pathPathSkybox-Back-texture (when blank, use gradient instead)
sim.skyboxdown.texture.pathPathSkybox-Down-texture (when blank, use gradient instead)'s red color intensity (0..1)'s green color intensity (0..1)'s blue color intensity (0..1)'s red color intensity (0..1)'s green color intensity (0..1)'s blue color intensity (0..1)
sim.shadows.visibleBooleanEnable or disable the shadows
sim.stationrafters.enableBooleanEnable or disable rafters inside station
sim.stationrafters.texture.pathPathStation's rafter texture
sim.stationfloor.texture.pathPathStation's floor texture
sim.stationrailing.texture.pathPathStation's railing texture
sim.stationside.texture.pathPathStation's side texture
sim.stationtrack.texture.pathPathStation's lowered part texture
sim.stationtop.texture.pathPathStation's top texture
sim.stationtopside.texture.pathPathStation's top-side texture
sim.stationwaitgate.texture.pathPathStation's wait-gate texture
sim.stationwaitrailing.texture.pathPathStation's wait-railing texture
sim.sun.texture.pathPathTexture of sun
sim.sun.visibleBooleanEnable or disable the sun display
sim.sun.pos.alphaNumericAlpha-angle (deg) of sun's position
sim.sun.pos.betaNumericBeta-angle (deg) of sun's position
sim.sun.diffuse.redNumericLight-source's red color diffuse intensity (0..1)
sim.sun.diffuse.greenNumericLight-source's green color diffuse intensity (0..1)
sim.sun.diffuse.blueNumericLight-source's blue color diffuse intensity (0..1)
sim.sun.specular.redNumericLight-source's red color specular intensity (0..1)
sim.sun.specular.greenNumericLight-source's green color specular intensity (0..1)
sim.sun.specular.blueNumericLight-source's blue color specular intensity (0..1)
sim.sun.ambient.redNumericLight-source's red color ambient intensity (0..1)
sim.sun.ambient.greenNumericLight-source's green color ambient intensity (0..1)
sim.sun.ambient.blueNumericLight-source's blue color ambient intensity (0..1)
sim.supports.roundfooter.texture.pathPathRound-footer's texture
sim.supports.tubeN.radiusNumericRadius of support tube type N (N: 1..5)
sim.treeN.texture.pathPathTexture of tree type N (N:1..10)
sim.treeN.sizexNumericSize of x component of tree type N (N: 1..10)
sim.treeN.sizeyNumericSize of y component of tree type N (N: 1..10)
sim.treeN.sizezNumericSize of z component of tree type N (N: 1..10)
sim.trwheel.texture.pathPathTransport's wheel texture (deprecated since 1.6)
sim.vertg.posyellowlimitNumericYellow limit of positive vertical G-force meter
sim.vertg.posredlimitNumericRed limit of positive vertical G-force meter
sim.vertg.negyellowlimitNumericYellow limit of negative vertical G-force meter
sim.vertg.negredlimitNumericRed limit of negative vertical G-force meter
sim.latg.yellowlimitNumericYellow limit of lateral G-force meter
sim.latg.redlimitNumericRed limit of lateral G-force meter
sim.accg.yellowlimitNumericYellow limit of horizontal G-force meter
sim.accg.redlimitNumericRed limit of horizontal G-force meter
sim.vertwheel.texture.pathPathTexture of vertical friction tire
sim.woody.beams.texture.pathPathWooden-beam's texture
sim.woody.catwalk.texture.pathPathWooden-catwalk's texture
sim.woody.rail.texture.pathPathWooden-rail's texture
sim.woody.tie.texture.pathPathWooden-crosstie's texture
sim.woody.tunnel.side1.texture.pathPathWooden-tunnel's side texture
sim.woody.tunnel.side1inside.texture.pathPathWooden-tunnel's side (inside) texture
sim.woody.tunnel.entry1.texture.pathPathWooden-tunnel's entry texture
sim.woody.tunnel.entry1inside.texture.pathPathWooden-tunnel's entry (inside) texture