Exciting New Features in the Pipeline

After the successful release of Nolimits 2 we continued to work hard to give customers the best possible virtual roller coaster experience. We brought out lots of small updates that gave you new features and bugfixes so far. We will continue supporting our community as best as we can to make sure NoLimits 2 is the best roller coaster simulator out there.

First of all we got a new review from John Wardley, one of the best known professional ride designers who designed rides such as AIR and Nemesis at Alton Towers.

"If you thought the original NoLimits was good, you will find NoLimits 2 amazing! The ease of creating smooth track layouts, the realism of the simulations, and the ability to add special track- and scenic-elements has taken coaster design to a whole new level. I strongly recommend anyone who enjoys riding and designing roller coasters to try it."
- John Wardley

John is a long time NoLimits user. He is retired by now, I am sure he would have loved to use NoLimits 2 if he would still be in buisiness.

We recently successfully released NoLimits 2 on the Steam gaming platform. Steam is a very successfull app store for games and we are proud our product is also available on this platform. We offer a very generous service by providing free Steam keys to customers who purchased or will purchase NoLimits 2 from our website We do not do that automatically. If you are using Steam and are interested in a key, please send an email to our support team ( Be sure to send this email using the address that you purchased the program for, otherwise give detailed information about your purchase so that support can verify your purchase. Please keep in mind that it may take several days to process your request. We will send out the key as soon as possible.

We have been busy working on some really cool features that are in the pipeline such as the long awaited Wing Coaster. A couple of more cool new features are on the horizon as well. The next coming update will bring out Steam Workshop integration to the Steam version of NoLimits 2. It will be possible to share parks with other users using Workshop inside Steam. This is a Steam only feature, but we will continue to bring out updates for the website version as well. Please support us by buying the website version, you will receive a Steam key for free if you request it.

We also have Marco Gudat as a new team member. We are proud to have Marco onboard. He is known to the NL2 community by his nicknames "freefall" and "MGrides". Marco will be responsible for creating more flat ride scenery objects to fully show off how well NoLimits 2 can be used to simulate whole parks with lots of other rides next to roller coasters. He already created a couple of really cool scenery objects free to download on various community websites.

Another cool feature we will take our hands on as soon as possible is Oculus Rift support. We have multiple developer kits (DK1 and DK2) and already started playing with it. NoLimits 2 will support the Oculus, it is only a question of time.

Last but not least we did a poll on our facebook page and asked for your opinion what you want next. After the long requested Wing Coaster, which is in the pipeline as mentioned already, most users requested a Mac version. We are around 90% done with the Mac version but are quite frustated because of some difficulties we experienced. We highly believe in what our fans want but gave the port a slightly lower priority for now. We have been informed that NoLimits 2 works quite well using Parallels, maybe that is an option in case your are tired of waiting for our NoLimits 2 Mac port. [ol]

NoLimits 2 Released!

NoLimits 2 is released. It is done. Believe it or not. We successfully launched the Windows version last weekend. The NoLimits Development Team hopes you will like it and have a lot of fun with it.

NoLimits 2 Logo

Download the free NoLimits 2 Demo now.

We need a short break now and will then look forward into fixing the most serious problems. Please note that we haven't confirmed a Mac version yet. Right now there is the Windows version only. The Mac version of NoLimits 1 did sell well and was profitable, so chances are high that we will bring out a Mac version, too, at some point. I will slowly update this website with NoLimits 2 content and news, and will inform you as soon as we have NL2 updates for you. [ol]

Release Date Announced

After over 8 years of development, numerous burnouts, adding of countless features that were originally not planned, and 670,000 lines of code, we are proud to announce the official release date of NoLimits 2, finally.

NoLimits 2 will come out on January, 10th 2014

The NoLimits Development Team wishes all NoLimits users a Happy New Year 2014. Only 10 days left until the product will launch.

Merry Christmas - NoLimits 2 Coming Soon

The NoLimits Development Team wishes all NoLimits users a Merry Christmas. The last days were exhausting, but NoLimits 2 is coming soon.. Let's all rest a couple of days before hitting the finish line. Enjoy the video...

NoLimits 2 Coming Soon

Status update with video of editor

We are finishing up all the help files, demo parks, and other things right now. Lots of features mean there is a lot to document and take care of. Kevin meanwhile has created a casual preview video showing the editor in action.

Casual preview video showing editor in action

Here is an incomplete list of features you see in the video.

  • New logo and start screen
  • Speed indicator comb
  • Automatic roll feature (to reduce lateral forces)
  • Section borders are independent from track vertex data
  • Rotation tool
  • Depumping tool
  • Various terrain editing tools
  • New Timberliner coaster style (with permission from The Gravity Group, LLC)

  • [ol]